Welcome to my website!
Bitches Ain't Shit But Hoes And Tricks I adore creating lists and writing html&css. I sketch a couple of things every once in a while but I have never finished any drawing (even though I own a wacom tablet). My favorite hobbie is spending time at youtube, watching cracks and vines about my favorite animes or k-pop idols/groups. I can be very messy and lazy, I'm also a loner (I definitely don't have many friends).
I am brazilian, and I can have a conversation in english. I was obligated to take foreign languages classes on my mid school, so I took French and Spanish, but I never paid much effort and I can't remember a thing. Besides school I took a Japanese course, that I devoted 8 months to. Currently I'm not doing any course. I use apps such as Memrise, Badoo and Duolingo to self-teach Korean, as well as Japanese and French. [If you speak any of these languages, hmu on Tandem]


I started learning html when I was very young, and I finished my first tumblr theme on my 13th birthday. I don't quite know how I learned it, but my guess it was just by looking html itself and searching all doubts that came along. Sites like w3schools amongst others were very helpful. However it was hard for me to keep going with html, so I skipped some years without producing anything new at all. I'm still in hiatus since 2015.
I never felt satisfied by creating my themes. I would take many months working on it and never finishing them. Sometimes it just feels easier to give up and use someone else's layout, they look better anyway. :/

HTML/CSS: Me. HOSTING: Neocities.org